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About UsText Box: Welcome to our ranch. We have a small hobby working ranch where we raise quality  standard Australian Shepherds  along with cattle, horses, sheep and other ranch pets. We want to produce Aussies that can work on ranches, be performance trial dogs or great companion family dogs. For over 20 years, we have proudly owned and raised these wonderful dogs. 
     We are located in a farming valley at the base of the picturesque Beartooth Mountains in the great state of Montana. We are just 100 miles from the first National Park YELLOWSTONE!  Montana is a great place to live for us and our animals, with it’s fresh air and lush grasses.
          I fell in love with the Aussie in my early twenties when I bought my first little pup. I was amazed at the extreme loyalty, keen intelligence and protective instincts that he possessed. That is what I love the most about Aussies. Since then no other kind of dog would do.
          I have a long history with owning, raising and caring for animals in my life. As a child I was raised around dogs, horses and other livestock. My family owned a dairy. My own family has been raised with Aussies and the other animals as well. I have worked at a Veterinary hospital here in Montana and in Colorado for 5 total years.
      We want to preserve the foundation of the Australian Shepherd which possess the herding drive and protective, loyal nature. We also want proper structure, breed type, intelligence, instinct and temperament.  We want to produce quality hard working, smart, athletic and beautiful dogs.  We follow the Australian Shepherd Club of America’s breed standard. Our dogs pedigrees are made of mostly foundation working lines.
        We only have a few dogs, they are part of the family, they live with us and work on the ranch. Some of the dogs on the ranch love to work stock and others are very useful in helping with everyday chores.  My husband says “everyone has a job on the ranch!” They spend lots of time with us in the house, in the barn or out in the field working, irrigating or helping with chores.  We spend many hours training, working and schooling our dogs to have good social skills as well as being obedient.  Obedience is a big part of having a well balanced dog. 
        We want to produce puppies that can live in the real world as  working dogs on ranches and farms, trial or performance dogs, service or therapy dogs and most importantly great family and companion dogs. But most of all we want them to be happy and healthy. Puppies are raised in the house and are socialized from day one.   Go to our Puppies page to get information on expected or current litters.
   We offer a written contract with a  GENETIC GUARANTEE on all our pet puppies.  We feel you have to test your dogs to truly guarantee your puppies. All of our breeding dogs are ASCA &/or AKC registered with DNA certification and OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) certified Excellent or Good. We test our dogs eyes for eye defects with CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation) and with HSF4 (Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts), CEA (Collie Eye Abdormality), DM (Degenerative Myelopathy), PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) and MDR1(Multi-Drug Resistance 1). Go to our  Guarantee page to get more information on testing,  and our guarantee.
Along with our Aussies we own APHA & AQHA registered horses, angus cattle, heritage Sweet Grass turkeys, Katahdin Sheep & Dorper Sheep  and Dwarf Nigerian Dairy Goats.  We do occasionally have some livestock for sale. Go to our For Sale page to see what is available. Our sheep and cattle are raised all natural, grass fed only with no hormones, drugs or pesticides. Grass fed animals retain Omega’s in their meat which is lost in the factory, fed lot animals. The animals do much better on grass instead of commercial feeds because they have less health problems. We feel this is much better for our family, friends and our dogs. We are able to incorporate raw, all natural meat, fruit and vegetables into our dogs diets.
      All pictures on the website are taken by myself or Laura (20 yrs old).  Copyright, pictures and graphics belong to Prairie Ridge Ranch.
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