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This agreement is made and entered into this ____ day of ______________ by and between, Prairie Ridge Ranch (seller) and

________________________ (Buyer), for the purpose of setting forth the terms and conditions of purchase by the Buyer of a purebred Australian Shepherd.


Name of dog: _____________________________
Date Whelped: __________________________ Color: _________________________________________
Place of Birth: ______________________ _____Sex: _____________________________
Litter AKC Registration #_____________________ Litter ASCA Registration #_________________

Sire: ____________________________________AKC#__________________ASCA# _________________
Dam: ___________________________________ AKC#__________________ASCA#______________


For $__________, the seller agrees to sell and the buyer agrees to purchase the puppy/dog described above as a companion puppy from the litter described above subject to the following terms.


1. The Seller has determined that the puppy/dog is of "Pet Quality" and is NOT to be used for breeding. In such case, Seller shall provide Buyer with Limited Registration Certificate.  The purchaser agrees to have this puppy spayed/neutered on or before the age of one year.

2. Ownership of the puppy/dog will be transferred to the Buyer for the sale price of $________ to be paid as follows: $________deposit on execution of the Agreement with the balance of $________ plus shipping/travel cost of        for a total of __________to be paid on or before the puppy/dog leaves the Sellers premises. If the balance is not paid by date of shipment or pickup this Agreement shall be cancelled and the Buyer forfeits the deposit given hereunder.


3. Seller warrants that the above described puppy/dog is a purebred Australian Shepherd register able with the  AKC and ASCA and that registration papers have _____have not_____ been provided to the Buyer as of the date of the completed purchase, together with a true copy of its pedigree.


4. Seller warrants that the above-described puppy/dog is in good physical and mental health at the time Buyer assumes ownership. Buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian with three (3) days (not including weekends and holidays) of receipt of puppy/dog. If, as a result of the examination, the Veterinarian determines that the puppy/dog is not in good health then the Buyer shall elect to keep the puppy/dog and assume all cost for its care, or return the puppy/dog to the Seller for a replacement puppy/dog or refund. If the buyer elects to return the puppy, Buyer shall, within 10 days after the date of the signing of this contract, send to Seller by certified mail a written Veterinarian's certificate stating that the puppy/dog was in ill health when examined. Upon receipt by Seller of said certificate, Buyer shall be obligated to return the puppy/dog to Seller. Upon receipt of the puppy/dog, the Seller shall be obligated to refund all monies received from Buyer toward the purchase price of the puppy/dog, and further performance under this contract shall be null and void.


5. Seller warrantees that the puppy/dog sold hereunder against any eye, hip or other hereditary defects for 5 years unless otherwise noted. In the event that faults are discovered within the 5 year period, and the warrantee is activated, the buyer has the responsibility to produce in writing a statement from a licensed veterinarian to that effect. If this warrantee is activated, the seller agrees to replace the above puppy with one of equal or higher quality when available or refund the purchase price. The seller reserves the right to have a second veterinarian of choice evaluate the dog’s condition before the warrantee will be honored, except in the case of Orthopedic Foundation of America evaluated hip X-rays.


  6. Pick up of the puppy is the sole responsibility of the Buyer. If delivery by plane is requested by Buyer, it shall be by airfreight, C.O.D. to a designated location. Buyer is responsible for costs of crate, insurance during shipment, and cost of freight charges. If Seller has to purchase crate prior to shipping, Buyer shall reimburse Seller in full for this cost. If delivery by vehicle is requested by buyer gas expense is to be reimbursed to Seller.


7. The Seller cannot make any guarantee regarding loss of puppy due to accidental death, theft, sickness, or other loss once the puppy had been placed with the buyer.


8. Puppy/dog will carry the ___________________________________ kennel name.


9. Buyer agrees that he/she is not acting as an agent in the purchase or this puppy/dog and that Buyer will not sell this puppy/dog or its progeny to any agent, pet store or guard dog business.


10. Buyer agrees to care for the puppy/dog in a responsible manner to include that the puppy will reside at the home of the Buyer, have access to a fenced yard, to include protection from traffic, not be chained or tethered, and will be provided with proper housing, nutrition, veterinary care and exercise. Buyer is expected to properly socialize and expose the puppy/dog to various situations so as to develop a sound temperament. Buyer also agrees that this puppy/dog will not be used as a guard dog for any business.


11. If at any time the buyer can no longer retain possession of this dog, the seller is to be notified and given FIRST OPTION of resuming full ownership at a * price to be mutually agreed upon by both parties. *This would take into consideration the costs incurred by the breeder in caring for the dog and locating a new home. The dog will be returned with the AKC papers and any medical records.


12. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is the dog to be placed in a pet shop, animal shelter, or similar establishment. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is this dog to be used in dog fighting, or similar activities.


X____ Registration Form [Limited]
X____ Copy of Pedigree
X____ Medical History

This  Agreement is made and signed by both parties to insure the well being and protection of this puppy/dog. If the Buyer breaches any part of this Agreement, the Seller is released from any obligations under this Agreement.


By: ___________________________________ Date:______________________



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