Her conformation is excellent.  Really nice soft eyes.  She's very observational in a quiet way. I think she's going to be built like a little badger or a mare I raised and named Plum Square.  She shows and exhibits a strict and disciplined breeding program.  Her intelligence is all I need to compete with.  There's no failure in this dog.  I commend you and all the breeders that have had anything to do with her pedigree.  Since I do not study dog pedigrees, I guess it boils down to trusting the breeder. You are a successful breeder if you can produce dogs of this quality on a consistent basis.

Sincerely Dennis Voss, Horse Butte Ranch, MT Owner of “Tab”


I just wanted to say thank you so much for both of my amazing dogs! We originally came to Mary looking for a very large black tri Aussie and Mary helped me pick one from the litter over the phone the next morning! His name is Cam and he is a beautiful dog with the most loving personality you could ever get. He has turned into an amazing pet and since he is also a universal blood donor he has also saved other dogs lives that were in need. The next year I was looking for a female Aussie so Cam could have a friend. I immediately went back to Prairie Ridge Ranch for my next dog because of there high standard for excellence and down home atmosphere. After speaking with Mary a couple different  times I decided on a beautiful red tri female. I was looking for a much smaller dog at this time and once again I got exactly what I was looking for. My dogs are on opposite ends of the spectrum but both are beautiful animals with amazing personalities. I would recommend anyone looking for an Australian Shepherd to go to Prairie Ridge Ranch.  They have everything from large show style Aussie's to driven smaller working dogs. Thanks again for the amazing dogs Mary!
Lauren Beck Vet Tech Bozeman, MT owner of 2 Prairie Ridge Aussies Cam and  Shim

Hi Mary,   Robert is sure glad you said QD (Cutie) is the puppy for us.  She sure is!  She is a handful (we forgot somehow puppies are) but we love her!  She has the run of the whole place, but generally come when we call her.  Her first appointment she weighed 15 and second she was 23 pounds and I sure can tell.  She has a small white cross on her chest so Robert says she is a Christian. You should see Robert’s slippers they are really chewed up, ha ha.  She minds real good and is a go getter. She is really interested in cows and really likes the 4 wheeler!
Robert and Audrey Cox of Montana







Hi Mary,
Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much we love our Nelly (Spirit x Reilly). She's almost 5 months old now — smart, confident, silly, curious and loving. This girl LOVES the water and enjoys all of the trails, lakes and creeks that Oregon has to offer. She is an absolute joy and oh-so-popular with everyone she meets. Sending along a couple photos :-)  Hope all is well in beautiful Montana! Thanks again for such a wonderful addition to our family :-)
Best,  Meleah Rutherford Oregon owner of Nelly

hello everyone! Not sure you will remember me. I am the guy from Pinedale WY ( Brad )that bought the black tri male I promised to name Moose after his sire. That didn`t work. my youngest son started calling him Buck. It stuck. Anyway, I thought I should send an update. He is my pal. My never ask why or complain trail partner. We are a permanent pair in the Selway Bitterroot wilderness of Idaho.

I have lost track of the miles we cover. A typical trip of 4 or 5 days is always around 70 miles. He has a very unique relationship with the mules. They clown around and it all seems to be in fun. I believe they have accepted him as one of the gang. However, they know he means business when I send him to the pasture to bring em in. He is very smart and has an addiction to squeaky toys. His manners amaze me. He has never accepted riding in the back of the truck, he insists on the front passenger seat. He has made the trip east to Iowa in that front seat more times than I can remember. My 81 year old father loves him dearly.

Thanks for the great friend Brad Bence Idaho owner of Buck



We bought our sweet Jasmine in June 2013 from Mary. We watched Jasmine grow in the pictures Mary had posted (she was always posting pictures of the litter). When we arrived to pick up our little girl, we were surprised to meet her parents, Spirit and Reilly, and her siblings! All of the puppies were healthy, happy, and playful. I think we stayed at least an hour with our 10 year old and 8 year old and ourselves being surrounded with puppies! A dream for anyone. When the time came to leave with our sweet Jasmine, Mary took the blanket we had bought for Jasmine and rubbed it on Spirit so that Jasmine would still have her mother's scent. Obviously Mary wanted to make the transition to a new home easy on our sweet girl. Jasmine melted our hearts from there on. The intelligence and agility that she possesses is outstanding! She learned tricks right away! She can shake, rollover, sit, stay, come, high five, dance on her back feet, say "I love you", and even jump through our daughters hula hoop! Her personality is outgoing and ready to learn anything her humans teach her! She is one of the most loving creatures I have ever been around. Mary has kept in touch and adores the photos we share with her of our sweet Jasmine's growth! I simply cannot say enough nice things about this breeder who so obviously adores her dogs and treats them like they are her children and follows up on how they are progressing. We are still thinking about a second puppy and will go no where else other than to Mary. We appreciate her taking such good care of our Jasmine and being supportive to us for any questions we may have. We know our puppy was loved as much by Mary as by us. When asked where we found such a beautiful intelligent dog we always say "Prairie Ridge Ranch", go there if you would like to find the best new family member! Jasmine and Mary turned out to be more than we expected and we couldn't be happier!


Text Box: .

 I have 3 Prairie Ridge Ranch dogs. All 3 are very athletic and participate is herding and agility. They are healthy happy dogs. They are smart as whips and very personable. I would get another one from Mary Moser and Prairie Ridge Ranch again if I ever have a spot open up. Love my Prairie Ridge Ranch pups!

Linda Kabrich Seatle WA owner of Reese, Tilly and Ishta

Well Siri has turned out to be a wonderful dog for us. She is a great traveler, just lays down and sleeps. The first week she was a little shy but now she is great around people, kids and other dogs, always wanting to play. She has wrestled with our 2 yr old Willow since they first met. Siri is smart beautiful and fun little rascal. Siri will be a good healer with a little training. She instinctively goes for the back of the legs. Every morning we feed and water the horses and go for a little walk.

Merry Christmas to the Mosers

Bruce and Joyce Hanson Orofino, ID  owner of Siri

Hi Mary,
Tripp has been such a joy to us. He is such an amazingly smart guy....he knows the meaning of dozens and dozens of words and though he has many stuffed toys if you tell him to go get a specific toy, such as Miss Piggy, Percy Possum, etc. he will hunt all over the house until he finds the proper one. He still manages to amaze us almost daily with his smartness and willingness to please. That little mind is always working!!

He is one of the best dogs we have ever had and in our 52 years of marriage we have had a lot of good and smart dogs. Tripp outdoes all of them in so many ways. He's sweet, loving and wants nothing more than to be with us 24/7.

Karen Porembski Helena MT owner of Tripp

I would highly recommend Prairie Ridge Ranch Aussies and Mary Moser.  I have a beautiful two and a half year old, smart,  amazing, athletic dog with a wonderful disposition and personality to prove it!  She has so much natural instinct and is so much fun to train even though I don't use her for herding, we do all kinds of other classes and activities.  She is an absolute joy!  I am so thankful to have found Mary Moser and Prairie Ridge Ranch.  I had the unfortunate luck and lack of knowledge about the breed when I first fell in love with Aussies.  I had to learn the hard way that not all breeders care about the health of their dogs, once they get your money...... its your problem,  or they shift the blame when your pup gets sick, saying you did something wrong.   Long story short,  when looking for your Aussie companion or working dog, make sure the breeder does the MDR1 and other genetic testing for the safety and health of the pups that they are selling. ( like Mary does because she cares!!!!)  You may find a pup that costs a little less up front,  but I can tell you from my experience, two pups, two different breeders,  lost them both in the first year of their precious life due to no fault of their own.  The first pup had major health issues from being bred down in size.   Both had complications with the MDR1 gene mutation.  I had many costs in vet bills,  even worse was the cost on my heart of losing two dogs I loved.  So I finally searched the internet to see if there were any breeders out there that were honest enough to breed MDR1 clear Aussies?  That is when I found Prairie Ridge Ranch.  Mary goes above and beyond with her genetic testing to keep her dogs healthy.   She truly loves her dogs, which is very evident when you meet her and her family and the dogs.   Therefor I know my Zoey is healthy.  I have piece of mind knowing I will have my girl, my walking partner,  my sweet loving friend for a long long time.

Wendy Smith owner of Zoey (Spirit  X  Reilly)



After months of looking and researching, we decided to get our Aussie pup from Prairie Ridge Ranch.  Best decision we could have made and a big “shout-out” to Mary Moser, the owner, in helping us pick the right set of parents and the right pup for our family.  I informed her that we were looking at doing obedience/therapy training so the temperament was of the utmost importance.   I was a bit nervous to pick an out-of-state breeder in the middle of Winter, because we would not be able to visit the pups or make a final pick in person.  Mary was unbelievably helpful and directed us to a litter (Reilly and Spirit) that she felt would fit the temperament we wanted.  She posted pictures of all the pups weekly and as they became active, she posted videos.  Mary never pressured us to make an early decision.  She would just say relax, wait, watch and ask questions.  She was beyond patient.  And I’m pretty sure I tested that patience  when trying to figure out which pup to pick.  Being able to wait six weeks to pick a puppy was a big selling point as far as I was concerned!  You don’t always find willing to wait that long.  I can honestly say that even if we had been there in person to pick out our pup,  we could not have made a better choice!!  He is perfect - affectionate, smart, mellow and loves every person and dog he meets!  It just doesn’t get any better!  Thanks so much for our special boy! We will keep you posted on Gus’s progress.  If you are looking for a breeder that cares about the quality of the “breed” and where her pups go – you will not be disappointed if you get a Prairie Ridge Ranch pup!!  Thanks again!!



I got Mia on labor day weekend of 2016. This past year with her has been amazing. I have never met a dog with so much personality. She is goofy, cuddly, determined, playful, smart, loving, a show off and driven. I came to Mary wanting a pup that I could eventually take running and hiking with me, and boy did she deliver. Mia loves going on hikes and never strays too far away from me. She absolutely loves going on runs with me. Training her has been really easy. I had her sitting and shaking in the first week and potty trained soon after. She has been a great companion dog and I am able to take her everywhere with me.

-Alex and Mia