†† Moose has been retired. He is a handsome boy and a total goofball! He loves everyone and everyone loves him.† He is very sweet and kind. He is an all around really great dog. He is a beautiful example of a blend between show and working lines.

†He is not a strong working dog but† has drive and desire.† Moose is a super athletic and can jump really high and is extremely agile.

Moose also knows everything that is going on at the ranch at all times. Nothing gets past his nose. It is amazing.




NK Vamoose


2007 Blue Merle Male

Sire: M and Rís Blackjack Bear

Dam: M and Rís Lola

21 inches† ~† 62 lbs.


OFA Hips: Good

CERF:† Normal

MDRI: Normal/Normal

HSF4: Clear/Normal

CEA: Normal/Carrier

PRA: Normal/Normal

Full dentition scissor bite



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Mooseís Genetic Test Results