After thorough research of  Australian Shepherds, I knew that Prairie Ridge Ranch was the perfect place to obtain my new companion.  I knew that as soon as I called that this Ranch was the place for me.  Mary took her time to really talk to me and was patient with all of my questions.  You can tell that that they are not just a breeder but they actually care about the placement of their puppies.  After talking extensively with Mary the biggest concern that both of us shared was the demographics between Montana and New Jersey and the long flight ahead for the puppy.  I can honestly say that she was handled with care as I was tracking her across the country. When she arrived she was surprisingly resilient.  Each day her personality gets stronger.  She is a healthy and happy little puppy. Thank you Prairie Ridge Ranch for my new little bundle of joy!    Shannon Marnell New Jersey Proud owner of Mika



We bought our first puppy (Sydney) from Mary just before Christmas 2010. Our family had lost our collie a month earlier and the family was going through a hard time. Mary was GREAT and understood what we were going through, and in addition to selling us a great puppy she was very friendly and treated us as if we had been best friends for years. I drove from Colorado to Montana to pick our puppy up and Mary invited me into their house and allowed me to meet not only her parents (Moose is the coolest dog ever!) but all of her siblings as well. You can tell that she cares for each and every puppy as if it was one of her kids. After we brought Sydney home we expected that we would not have contact with the breeder again. This was not the case. Mary checked in with us to make sure we had everything we needed and she was always ready to support us if we had a question. Sydney turned out to be such a great dog that we bought another puppy from Mary 6 months later. His name is Copper. Again Mary was outstanding. Helping us pick the right puppy for our family and there to help us through any questions we had. Copper and Sydney are great buds now and we could not be happier with how things are turning out. I would highly recommend Mary and Prairie Ridge Ranch Aussies to anyone looking for a great family pet.

Eric Beaty Colorado Springs, Colorado Owner of Sydney & Copper

  After losing our three dogs within six months, we went on a search for Australian Shepherds.  Even though we live in Colorado and had a myriad of Aussies ranches from which to choose, none struck as the right one until we read the Prairie Ridge Ranch web site. We knew the minute we read the page, this was the right fit for us.

   From the  pictures of the Aussies to the stories of the love Mary had for her dogs, we felt "at home" with choosing our next puppies. 

  And we were right!  Mary was always willing to answer questions-- of which we had many.  Mary would let us know how the puppies were progressing and shared pictures with us all the time.  She helped us choose and talk about which puppies would be the best for us. 

When we arrived at Prairie Ridge, and we were greeted by Moose...our two little puppies' "dad"...we knew again we had made a wonderful choice. 

  We chose two blue merle Aussies--a brother and a sister--and they have been wonderful.  They were well loved and socialized from the get go--and have been beautiful dogs here at our home.  Bridger and Phoebe are loving, obedient, intelligent, and loyal puppies--thanks to their beginnings with Mary and Prairie Ridge Ranch. 

Jerri Modrall and Eric Doering Frederick, Colorado Owners of Phoebe and Bridger




We decided to get an Australian Shepherd from Mary at Prairie Ridge Ranch after much research and thought. We visited local breeders without any luck finding the right dog and so we decided to search for a puppy on the computer.  Having never purchased a dog over the internet without being able to visit the breeder first, we put all of our trust into Mary. We live in California and the puppy would have to be sent to us. Mary  was very willing to help us determine if the Aussie was the right breed for us and if the puppy we were interested in was a good match for our family. She gave us the contact info for 3 people who had purchased Aussies from her and after speaking with them, it became clear that we were making a good decision. Mary helped arrange the flight it all went very smoothly.  Our Aussie, Sam, has been everything we hoped for and more.  He has a beautiful disposition, eager-to-please, affectionate, and always interested in learning a new trick. He will let us know when someone approaches our home and has learned to quiet his bark when we ask him to stop. Housebreaking was very easy and he soon fit right into our daily routines. He is healthy, athletic, patient, and has a great sense of humor. We look forward to many years of happiness with our Aussie thanks to Mary and the entire Moser Family at Prairie Ridge Ranch.

The Carl  Family Calistoga, California Owner of Sam

We've never had a more loving dog. He greets the girls with a hug and kiss everyday. He can keep up with my husband on the mountain bike and cuddle with my daughter until she falls asleep at night. He is an awesome companion to our older dog who now plays tug and chase everyday after every meal with his brother. He is sweet natured and shy with other dogs, submissive even to puppies. All he really wants in life is to run, cuddle, and love his humans and his companion animals, although the cat doesn't like this very much at all. We love him and the breed and are so happy we got him we forgive and forget every puppy trick he tries--and as I said, he tries them everyday!

The Rowley Family Montana Owners of Oli

When we decided to add a puppy to our family, our research led us to Prairie Ridge Ranch. What stood out to us about Mary was how much she cares about the well being of her puppies. She made sure that we were familiar with the breed and that we knew what to expect (Although I'm not sure we truly did!). Most importantly, she wanted to make sure that we could provide him a good home for life. Since this was our first puppy, we were a little nervous, but Mary was very helpful in answering our questions and giving us advice. We could not be happier that Mary chose us to adopt Bear. He has been the best dog and an even better friend. He is fiercely loyal and it makes our day to be greeted with that "wiggly butt" when we get home from work. He loves to hike with us and makes sure that we don't forget to walk him every day. He accompanies us everywhere and people always comment on how well behaved and handsome he is, and we agree. Thank you Mary for such a great experience!

The Brown Family Helena, Montana Owners of Bear

Luke is 14 months old now.  We've been practicing some Agility although we have no place to compete here in Wyoming.  But we do it as it helps him focus on me.  I just purchased a book on "Dog Dancing" and this winter we plan to learn some smooth moves!  He learns VERY quickly.  In one session, about 5 minutes long, I had him weaving through my legs as I walk.  His disposition is wonderful.  Gets along with all people and dogs.  He'll do ANYTHING for a treat and clicker training is great.  Everyone asks where I got him and I told them from Prairie Ridge.

Hope you have a great year! Eileen, Wyoming owner of Luke





After 12 years with my 4 legged furry daughter, I was so distraught and sad (as everyone is) when she was gone that I knew I had to have another puppy in my life.  I spent countless, sleepless hours searching the web, craigslist, shelters, rescues, looking for the right puppy.  I contacted Mary after finally finding an Australian Shepherd breeder on the web that appeared to have happy healthy dogs.  Mary took the time to hear my story, to explain to me about her puppies, her adult dogs, and every little question I had.  Listening to Mary, I realized that I not only had a breeder, I had a friend.  I trusted her to make sure that I got the right puppy that fit my lifestyle and would be my forever girl.  Mary trusted the fact that I was going to provide this puppy with a great home.  I waited for Jalo’s litter.  I knew the  minute I saw them, that one of the little Tri girls was mine, and I watched as Mary shared their journey with every one of us right up until the puppies began to leave. Mary made sure that this puppy was going to fit me, I trusted her to do that. We made arrangements to have Ariel flown in on Alaska Air.  I could not wait, 11:00 PM and she was finally home.  Now this is the kind of person Mary is; she waited up in Montana until she got my text of their arrival.  She was also on the phone with me the next morning at 6 AM.  Her love and caring of her dogs is immeasurable, her caring about their lives and how they are growing and thriving never ceases. 

I would recommend that anyone that wants a working dog companion or do everything they can to get their puppy from Prairie Ridge.  The love that this family puts into each puppy is amazing, sharing the journey of each one, and the interaction with the other dogs is amazing.  Mary is not just a breeder, she is a caring, kind person that wants to make all of us Aussie lovers get the perfect puppy for our lives.  She also is the real mommy, and all of the puppies are her babies and she is always so happy to hear about them, about how wonderful they are, and is more than always willing to help with any problems.  After all, how many breeders do you know that give you the guarantee than Prairie Ridge does?  This is one great family!   Debie Mullins of Kent WA proud owner of 3 Prairie Ridge Aussies Ariel and Brother Bear and Keeva

Montana, our year and a half old lady Aussie from Prairie Ridge Ranch is full of love, spunk, smarts and instinct! We found top-of-the-line Australian Shepherd breeders in Mary and Rick Moser and Montana is pup of a Prairie Ridge sheep and cattle working sire and dam. She dove into agility with backyard equipment but when she herded three kick balls into the far end of her agility tunnel and held them there until I said "Good Girl," she and I became a herding team. We are now "newbies" in the world of sheep dog trialing and love it!
Montana came to us from Prairie Ridge wonderfully socialized at nine weeks and we made sure to continue that. She is now a socialite, love bug, activity director and friend to human and canine where ever we go with her! Folks often comment on her warm disposition and happy attitude:) Clinicians and judges in the herding community say "That's a good dog. You're going to have fun with her!"
Most of all and best of all, she loves her family and her home. Thank you, Prairie Ridge Aussies!

Mary Jean Pope of Colorado owner of Montana!

I just wanted to let you know that 'Tricolor Girl #1' (now Elly) is doing well, and growing like a weed. She's still super sweet, and pretty mellow for a puppy. I took her over to a friend's yesterday, which is where the pictures are from. She's covered with a bit of puppy slobber if you look close, but still a handsome girl. The friend has an aussie two weeks older than her, and is quite a wild thing. I'm grateful for her gentle personality after watching the comparison. Thanks for raising such great dogs! I'm enjoying her immensely.
Judy Hessert Bitterroot Nursery Montana

Just to let you know Prairie Ridge Ranch and visitors. We absolutely love and are so impressed with our pup from the Reilly x Rose litter. He is finishing obedience and although he is the youngest in the class is definitely the brightest. He needs to be shown something once and he's got it. Super confident and loves everyone . He has beautiful manners but tons of drive. Play day turned into I can sit beside the dog walk or be on it. Leaping 4 feet into the air to pose for his picture. I would definitely recommend a pup out of Reilly for the awesome sweet personality and willingness to do it all. He is definitely my go to agility pup.

Mary Keller South Dakota owner of Ryder


I always wanted an Australian Shepherd for as long as I could remember. I was drawn to their intelligence, their drive, and their eagerness to please. I was searching for a breeder for about a year, being incredibly picky, before falling in love with Prairie Ridge Ranch. These Aussies were bred to herd, bred for agility, and bred to be a loving pet. As timing would have it, a puppy with the coloring I was looking for popped up needing a home. He was expected to have a sweet personality with great drive, and would make for a great agility dog. Before I got him home, I felt confident that he would meet my expectations. And eventually, he exceeded them. My beautiful boy is brilliant, sweet, hilarious, and is shaping up to be an amazing agility athlete. I have loved dealing with Mary who has answered all of my questions along the way, and has supported my journey with Rubeus every step of the way. She clearly knows what will come out of the dogs she breeds, and has been an unbelievable resource. I couldn't imagine getting my Aussie from anywhere else. Hope this is ok!

Melanie Lltse New York proud owner of Rubeus

Hi Mary, Thank you for all the time you took with us yesterday! It was fun spending time with your family and you made us feel so welcome. I am soooo impressed with how you have developed your Aussie business. Your dogs are very special, we talked all the way home at how incredibly mannered and all the training you obviously have invested in that beautiful bunch.

"Willow" is amazing.  I have never had a puppy that has made the switch over so easily and quickly!!  I think we greatly benefited from the extra time she was able to spend with you guys. As of 5:30 this evening not even a single accident in the house yet, she slept totally peacefully all night in her bed we made on the floor. Today she followed us around and very quickly became comfortable,  enough so to take a nap by herself in the outside pen we put up for her when we are at work. The gate was open and she went in herself.  She doesn't seem to be afraid of anything, not pounding of metal fence posts or getting separated in the tall field grass or the chickens. She tears around spinning like a bull in the arena, very funny.

We are very grateful for the bundle of joy!  Rob and Connie Ennis MT

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