Hi Mary, Thank you for all the time you took with us yesterday! It was fun spending time with your family and you made us feel so welcome. I am soooo impressed with how you have developed your Aussie business. Your dogs are very special, we talked all the way home at how incredibly mannered and all the training you obviously have invested in that beautiful bunch.

"Willow" is amazing.  I have never had a puppy that has made the switch over so easily and quickly!!  I think we greatly benefited from the extra time she was able to spend with you guys. As of 5:30 this evening not even a single accident in the house yet, she slept totally peacefully all night in her bed we made on the floor. Today she followed us around and very quickly became comfortable,  enough so to take a nap by herself in the outside pen we put up for her when we are at work. The gate was open and she went in herself.  She doesn't seem to be afraid of anything, not pounding of metal fence posts or getting separated in the tall field grass or the chickens. She tears around spinning like a bull in the arena, very funny.

We are very grateful for the bundle of joy!  Rob and Connie Ennis MT

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